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When I Die, I Wanna Bounce My Last Check!


When I Die, I Wanna Bounce My Last Check!

by Berkley C. Badger

Many of my readers and clients share with me the fact that: They either have no family, never hear from family, or, that their kids are financially better off than they are.

While they may have a few charities which they could name as ultimate beneficiaries, most are more concerned about not running out of funds before they run outta breath.

Annuities can offer the perfect solution to solving many financial conundrums, especially where an individual, quite frankly, doesn't care if they "bounce their last check!"

Of course they are more fiscally responsible than that, but they may not feel compelled to leave one penny to anyone.

A Lifetime Annuity can work very nicely. It provides income which you can never outlive, even if you have the genes of Moses. In short, your income doesn't stop until you stop, but provides dependable cash-flow for as long as you need it.

Can you make the cash-flow increase over time?

Some of my clients can't seem to spend all of their monthly annuity payments, so they save up to "plant another tree." By adding another Lifetime Money Tree periodically, it may help to assure the receiver of the payments a defense against the inflationary effects on healthcare costs; especially in our latter years when one may want to stay in their own home, or may be required to seek resident care in a long-term care facility. These costs can run $7,000 to $15,000 per month!

Anecdotally speaking, this plan works beautifully. Just ask my 95-year-old client in Bradenton getting over $11,000 per month; or, my husband and wife couple in Clearwater getting over $8,000 per month; or, others who have been wise enough to start assembling such annuities in their 60's.

While it is said "One can never be too skinny-or too rich," the pragmatist is most thankful that he cannot outlive his income.

Cheers to your good health.


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