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By Ruth Solo 

Catmunication: "As if to Say"



"As if to Say"

By Ruth Yakirah Solo

Although cats may not be able to talk-and sometimes I realize that's a good thing, right? They do have their unique ways of communicating. Here's some of my cat Goldie's ways of communicating.

Body slamming the bedroom door when I'm still sleeping as if to say "Wake up, my food dish is empty."

Sitting in front of me and staring as if to say "I'm hungry and my food dish is empty."

Brushing against my legs as if to say "Thank you for feeding me."

Sitting on the footstool, while staring at me as if to say

"May I jump onto your lap?"

Sitting with her back to me blocking tv set (usually after she's been left alone a long time) as if to say" I'm mad at you."

Sneering at me as if to say "Don't bother me right now." Paws pushing against my chest as if to say "I want to sit on your lap, not on your chest."

Sitting next to the litter box as if to say "My litter box needs to be cleaned."

Meowing while straddling the arm of the loveseat as if to say "I'm ready to be groomed."

Tail snapping sharply as if to say "I'm angry."

Looking intently at me when I reach for a tissue as if to say "I would like a tissue to snack on".

(The vet said no harm.)

Raising her rump up when she hears me using the back scratcher as if to say "Slap my tush with the back scratcher."

Getting up on her hind legs, squeezing her eyes shut and swinging her paws as if to say "I'm feeling feisty, lets box".

Jumping up and down (usually at 5:00 pm) as if to say "I'm ready to play."

Circling on the bed, then giving me a head bump and licking my hand as if to say "Love you. Goodnight!"

In honor of the American Humane Society's National Adopt-a-Cat Month

Ruth is a member of the "Poets Live" group which meets at the Largo Public Library on the second Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. (currently on line due to Covid). Ruth is the Poetry Coordinator for the "Senior Voice America Newspaper".

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