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I always relished this time of year when living in the north. It was so uplifting to see the first crocuses peek through the snow, and the daffodils, hyacinths and tulips would be next. They were such a welcome sight after a long, bitter winter. Even the air seemed renewed and refreshing after being cooped up inside for what seemed like ages. By now most of the country is in the final phase of spring. Seeds and bulbs planted a while back are beginning to germinate, exposing tiny green leaves peeking above the ground. A pretty yard has al-ways been important to me, and through my many moves I had an opportunity to do my share of gardening and planting. With the move to this house I had a clean slate, other than one overgrown tree in serious need of trimming, there was not one flower. Now after a couple of years of planning and planting, I'm really enjoying the plants, and the butter-flies and hummingbirds they attract.

Those seeds planted in prepared fertile soil and nurtured with food, water and sun will grow more abundantly than ones scattered by the wind that fall on rocky areas. While they too may sprout, they aren't able to develop a root system which is adequate enough for a viable healthy plant.

Likewise, we cannot expect an oak tree to grow from anything but an acorn. Carrot seeds won't produce radishes. Each seed from its own kind.

We humans are a part of this evolving development as we plan and grow our life too. Our seeds that we have been born with grow and come to fruition only if we put forth the effort and determination to make it happen. Not pursuing actively or giving half-hearted energy will not produce our goals. Ignoring or digging up the "seeds" to check on their progress will not aid in their viability.

We need to do the same with personal plans for our life. If we can see ourselves as a one of a kind, divinely designed seed of greatness as we turn up in life, then we can begin to focus on just what type of "seed" we are; the idea, vocation, or cause we want to be or develop and/or support in our world. Isn't it amazing that we are so unique that we can be a seed for more than one thing in our lifetime? While and acorn can only produce an oak, we have the ability to produce results of many different seeds or ideas. The results are endless when we give energy and persistence to produce a beautiful and healthy outcome.

There is only one problem: If we ignore or fail to realize our personal seeds as the gifts that they are.

So let's nurture our own seeds to add to the beauty that nature provides us, by showing up, and adding to the beauty

of the planet besides the flowers, trees, and plants that we've put into the ground for our own enjoyment.


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