Senior Voice America - Tampa Bay -

By Destiiny 

POETRY CORNER - Spring Time Friends


What if flowers had names?

No, not like Rose or Lilly,

Or something like that silly.

What if flowers had personalities too?

You would treat them differently,

YES... that’s what you would do.

Perhaps you would see their value too?

Maybe understand them and their view?

What if flowers had a life?

What if they had a love life?

Like if they had a husband or a wife?

Then would you give them respect?

If flowers were more like people then would you see their depth?

So, this Spring I challenge you to see,

Flowers have a purpose just like you and me.

So, as you stroll on by…

STOP and say “Hi!” to Robert, Linda and Lou


Because Spring reminds us that ALL of nature is a living too!

For nature not only surrounds us,

But lives INSIDE OF YOU!

Destiny’s Book The Unicorn Manifesto is now for sale on Barnes and and at both the 321 Books and the Bodhi Tree in Tyrone Square Mall. Also, she has readings monthly for the children at the St. Petersburg Parks Departments. St. Readersburg program.


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