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The World Is Warming

The die is cast

The experts say

The world is warming

Day by day.

We’ve ignored those warnings

It’s quite alarming

Glaciers are melting

Penguins are starving.

Polar bears are losing

Their hunting ground

The seas are rising

All around.

Precious time

We’ve frittered away

Now the piper

We must pay.

No time to waste

We must act soon!


An Elephant


In the


(In honor of Earth Day on April 22)

Author Ida J. Lewenstein is a retired English-AsA-Second-Language instructor of some 22 years who wears several hats. She has written poems, chants and rhymes to reinforce, in a fun way, the structures she was teaching. Some of these have worked their way into imaginative story poems for children. Ida is an active member of the California Writers Club and some of her poems have been published in Fault Zones 1 & II. Ida is a graduate of the University of Washington and resides in San Mateo, CA.

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