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After a few weeks of feeling poorly, keeping a positive attitude about my aging was taking its toll. I remember mentioning to a friend that I was feeling that it was time for me to "cash in." Her response to me was, "Not now." But isn't that how it is when we feel land locked in our life, when it's trying just to keep going on?

I was brought back to reality once I had a day or two of feeling better, and I was able to see things more clearly. It happened as I read one of my daily inspirational guides, which I must admit always tell me what I need to hear. This day it described my situation and gave me insight into looking at things differently.

It's so easy to get on the down side when we don't feel well – our vision and hearing are impaired, to say nothing of losing the agility and ability to get around as we once did. And our endurance barely gets us to the mailbox and back in the same day. Couple that with all the health issues our body is dealing with and taking medication for, it's no surprise that once in a while a person can get overwhelmed.

Our problem is that we compare what is with what was, and not accepting the aging process as an inevitable part of life.

Rather than wishing our life was like it was, or different than it is, what if we accept the fact that we just can't do what we once did, in spite of all our efforts, and begin to reinvent a life we can be happy living?

It's ok for us to move the goal post, and start doing something else that we are able to do – to make life more enjoyable, rather than being so hard on ourselves.

No matter what limitations we have there is always a force for good that we can pursue. While my mind is still intact for the most part, I choose to write. Hopefully it will touch a cord or uplift someone. While writing I am also speaking to myself, as the words that end up on the page are for me to see too.

While I'm no longer able to save a life working in my profession, maybe I can in some way help change a life with the written word. I used to do a lot of sewing and crafts, but now I crochet for charity. Being productive in some way is important to me still.

Looking back, and it's a lot of years, I realize that I've reinvented myself a lot, whether it was for my education and livelihood, or a cause that I was passionate about. Somehow it seemed easier then, but it's still doable now. After considering our present ability there can still be something we can do. Doing nothing is not an alternative for our sanity, or self-esteem. If we look around, we will find something.

I've decided I'm going to keep on keeping on. Besides, I just opened a bottle of pricey cologne I need to use up, and the nursing home can always use another lap blanket.

Don't know how to begin? The whole world needs prayer – why not start there?


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