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REST. There is a time for rest. It's beneficial to shift your garden areas. Let some areas rest, and switch to plant in another area. When spreading manure fertilizer, let it rest a season. Some farmers rotate their crops. It is recommended. There are many passages about gardening in the Bible.

Garden tools that will help the amateur gardener succeed to their amazement and delight include a small Rototiller, run by a two-cycle engine, that is easily operable by a woman or older youth (supervised). The only thing that's hectic is cutting off any vines, roots, wires or strings that get tangled up in the rotary blades. I have found lots of things hung up in my blades that need to be cut and cleaned off for future use. We don't have any problems with rocks as Central West Florida is largely bare of rock.

My wife's expertise is garden art, and I am her assistant, so if anyone is interested in designing and making their own garden borders or walks, we will share some in our articles. Come to our Garden Connect meeting, and get some ideas in the garden tour. We love to visit other home gardens and get inspired.

Our last instructor at the September meeting was David Strawderman. If you didn't make it here, you missed a good one. He spoke about companion gardening, which means putting plants together that help each other to make our experience more productive. As an example, plant peppers near eggplant, and don't forget marigolds around the perimeter of your garden. The question and answer segment was also wonderful!

RSVP (call ahead of time) because we need to know how many people to expect for chairs, tables and food, as we eat after the meeting. Our email is, and our phone number is (813) 991-9786.


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