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" When All Else Fails "


February 1, 2021 | View PDF

We came on this planet knowing that we were not promised a rose garden, that we would be exposed to some adversities along the way, both personally and worldly. If nothing else last year taught us not to take anything for granted. We tend to sail along in life, not giving a second thought about how much we depend on others. Yet in a crisis, we typically, rely and depend on those closest to us, friends, and family. And how important we too, are in other’s lives.

With social distancing restrictions during COVID, we have had to adjust to the isolation. We have not been able to be by the side of a loved one that’s in the hospital, hold a newborn grandchild, or gather in person for a celebration or holiday One doesn’t realize the impact of those times until they aren’t available to us. It’s then we come to know just how important and supportive personal interactions are.

By the same token togetherness only goes so far, and those quarantined together for long periods of time without a break can be stressful, as we need our own space and time too. Children too young to understand the full impact can’t understand why they can’t go to school, or have a play date with their friends, or have a birthday party. This also impacts their social skills with other children.

We are moved to see our life in a new way, and make adjustments in how to endure the circumstances we find ourselves in. Hopefully we have learned a new appreciation for those around us and how important they are in our existence, and how they impact our life.

It is painful not to be able to be physically present when a person needs emotional support, especially if it is the end of their life, and there is no way to say goodbye and dies alone. I read of a couple in Orlando who had been in a blended family situation for quite some time, and he was hospitalized with COVID for several months, on life support and a complicated recovery. As he struggled to survive, he was moved to want to marry the woman that had stood by his side, and supported him, realizing laying in that hospital bed, just how Important she was in his life. Though he was not yet able to speak he managed to ask the question and she said yes. So as soon as he was able, while still in the hospital, the plans were made. Hospital staff that had kept him alive gathered to witness and celebrate him and his bride. He was wheeled outside in a wheelchair, and with the help of a walker was able to stand and say I do. While he still has a way to go in his recovery, their struggle has become more meaningful for both of them with their new bond.

In the end we cannot make it in the world without each other, without caring, appreciating, acknowledging, and loving one another. We cannot make it without others, the health care staff, doctors, parents, friends, family, neighbors, electricians, plumbers etc, all in place to help us function, and if you are really lucky, a furry friend to always be the perfect example of unconditional love, in case you forget. And love, my friends, is what makes the world go round, makes life worthwhile, and it is the answer to any adversity,


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