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New Year Plan For Optimal Health


February 1, 2021 | View PDF

Again with the New Year, we resolve a new plan of action. My plan includes you! I resolve to reach you through this article, the internet, your friends and families. Basically any way I can for the purpose of making sure you are aware that in the interest of oral health and total body health it is an exciting new day.

Ask your healthcare provider to consider the connection between your current health status and your oral health. Depending when and where healthcare providers were educated, and also their interest after graduating, there will be a significant difference. I work with healthcare providers who collectively represent the whole spectrum. I learn from them and they learn from me. Together, we can offer plans that are so much more successful than the old sequestration of independent providers. Human metabolism is very complicated. To keep it optimally functioning and balanced, we must use all of the knowledge, new and old, we have access to. No one provider can possibly know it all and do it all. To believe that is ridiculous, but together we can.

I have practiced long enough to see patients that have had many life experiences over the years. I have seen their oral health change as their bodies aged as life takes it's toll. I have learned some people can do everything right and still have oral disease and loss. I have seen people do everything wrong and still have oral health and a dirty mouth, never the less, basically healthy. The diseases of diabetes, heart/CVD, thyroid, arthritis, autoimmune and fibromyalgia are of interest to me. I see the connection between these diseases and oral health. Metaphorically, putting air in a tire with a hole in it will not work long if the hole is not also "fixed." One is the dental correction, the other is the medical/alternative correction. It takes both. Before either will work, we must understand the relationship. Unfortunately as witness would bear, not everyone does.

This year our office will be studying and researching any new technologies we can add to our tool box that will complement our abilities to bring our patients the best traditional and integrative dentistry.

We will reach out to patients and other health-care providers who need and want sustainable and complete optimal health. If our practice offers you promise, call us! If you have healthcare providers who you think would join us in a more comprehensive approach to your healthcare, please make them aware of our view. I would love to meet them. ◆

Healthy Body Dental, Anthony J. Adams, DDS, PA, is located in the Cypress Point Shopping Center, 25877 U.S. Hwy. 19 N., Clearwater, (727) 799-3123, www. Hours of Service: Monday-Thursday 8-5pm.


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