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December 1, 2020

Four Veterans Start A New Life, with their New Home

On October 16, 2020, Floyd Nelson was able to move in his new home. Floyd will be settling into "home" now that Ken, Steve and Don setup their furnishings in Tampa. Steve Czernesky, Don Falaas are Elks members of Lodge 2731 in Zephyrhills. Ken Fabiani is the Veterans Committee Chairman and was our Exalted Ruler in the past. Ken is the photographer. Left to right: Steve Czernesky, Floyd Nelson and Don Falaas. Furnishings valued at $3500.00, moved in and setup.

#78th Veteran

On October 15, 2020, Zephyrhills Elks Lodge 2731 furnished the home of Ron & his wife in Tampa, FL. The Elks Veterans Committee with help of Steve Czernesky, & Don Falass, who are Elks Members of Lodge 2731 in Zephyrhills. Ron is the 78th veteran we have moved into his home in Tampa; Ron and his wife will be able to start a new life with the help and support from the Zephyrhills Elks Lodge and the Veterans Committee. We estimate a total of $3500.00 to furnish their new home.

Veteran #76 in Tampa

October 8th, 2020, Zephyrhills Elks Lodge 2731 was able to move into his new home. Willie Pease Jr. moved into his home of Tampa, FL. Having all the furnishings to be able to return to his new life. We use an estimated total of $3500.00 worth of furniture to his new home. Steve Czernesky, Don Falass are members of our 2731 Elks Lodge in Zephyrhills. Ken Fabiani, Chairman of the Veterans Committee, PER and currently the photographer for this article.

Veteran #80

October 17, 2020, the Veterans committee with the help from Zephyrhills Elks Lodge 2731; member Don Falaas, Steve Czernesky & Ken Fabiani were able to furnish the home of Patrick Dickson. Patrick is the 80th Veteran who the lodge has been able to furnish their home as they move out to start a new live. The approximate value of the furnishings and kitchen setup is $3500.00. The Elks will continue to help support our Veterans. They hold a special place in our HEARTS.

From left to right: Steve Czernsky, Elks Member, Patrick Dickson, Veteran, Don Falaas, Elks Member with Ken Fabiani, Chairperson of the Veterans Committee & PER of Lodge 2731 in Zephyrhills and is the photographer for this picture.


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