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Poetry Corner - Turkey Neck


December 1, 2020 | View PDF

A turkey neck can mean a lot... no not the one you put in a pot.

One that is earned and adored by you. An old woman that is your future smiles scornfully as she looks in the mirror. She is feisty as she mimics her grandchild's words.

"Turkey neck!" "Turkey neck!"

She touches the worn skin on her neck and thinks to herself,

These ropes and folds hold the wear of a life.

A life when I knew I had one.

A life that existed before grey hair.

A nostalgic look enters her stare...She remembers...

When I was needed,

The times I spent when I fed their mother my breast until

she settled to rest. Times that made me whole and fed my soul, With a husband to hold,

A house not yet sold,

A woman not yet old,

This neck is my story told!

Yes, I will hold up my turkey neck...


Destiny is a local poet who finds her motivation by watching her readers faces.

She loves to be there when their hearts smile as they read her poems and stories.

She has written over a 1,000 poems and stories... so far!

She is glad to be part of the community and would be happy to share many more of her

stories and poems with you!

You can reach her directly by e-mail at or

on her website or her instagram beingwithdestiny.

If you wish to submit a poem contact the Sr. Voice Poetry Coordinator via email at


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