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Please Don't Send Me Flowers


November 1, 2020 | View PDF

Please Don't Send Me Flowers .

As I get to the winter of my life, with memory still intact, I reflect a lot on my experiences, realizing that I have only the present moment to get things right. That's a problem with living, there is no chances of a do over. While this is true, we should learn by our errors and not repeat them, and make amends to others that were done and can't be changed. These thoughts have led me to begin fine-tuning my gratitude, and expressing appreciation in the moment. We have all been to funerals where the person being memorialized is given accolades about the memories, selflessness, and kindness from those left behind, as a tribute to how they lived their life according to their values and beliefs.

How often do we acknowledge a persons accomplishments while they are alive to hear it, or do those qualities go on unnoticed or ignored? It's in the living that we prioritize worthy things and it's when we are alive that the acts of thoughtfulness and kindness should be told. I have a friend who recently received a letter from her grown grandson, who told of all the experiences he remembers of his time with her growing up, she was elated that he remembered, and would want to share those times again with her now. He couldn't have given her a better gift and no amount of money would be appreciated as much as that letter meant.

It will bless her remaining days knowing that her presence in in his life was meaningful. A few years back my grandson sent me a note thanking me for believing in him, and having his back as he made decisions about his career, passion, and college major. I still have that note, and he is now an accomplished violinist living out his dream.

Advancing age sometimes slows us down, and we feel that we do not have much to contribute any more, so remembering us while we can appreciate a word of kindness makes our days more meaningful. Acknowledgment of a person who made a difference in your world as a gift. I have always said don't send me flowers when I'm dead and can't enjoy them, or cry over me when I'm gone, I'd much rather smell the fragrant flowers or hear thoughts of appreciation when I'm still around. When we die we are at peace, painless, and free of daily struggles, and accolades no longer give us comfort, so if you have a word of appreciation to offer someone please say it now.


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