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November 1, 2020

This is the month traditionally set aside to give thanks, but think how different life would be if giving thanks was a daily practice. Why does it seem so much easier to focus on all the negativity? Gratitude is an attitude and an acceptance; that is just as easy to do, but we need to think in a more positive way for it to work. Certainly, life is not easy. No matter who we are, we get our share of heartbreak and bad luck. Often, they are unavoidable. Yet if we look at those situations as learning or self-improvement lessons and pay attention, we may be able to see something positive as we look back. That has been the case with the black clouds in my life. I've been able to see the good that came from those experiences, although I couldn't see it at the time. I am now more able to see my disasters as experiences leading to good somewhere down the line. It is much easier to except the downs knowing that this too shall pass, and it always does.

Being grateful multiplies. The more we are grateful, the more we have to be thankful for. That I can still put my feet on the floor in the morning, even though it's painful, is something to be grateful for. It helps get us through the day when we accept the process of aging and are grateful for what we have, choosing not to focus on the downers.

If we force ourselves to become grateful, it will help us stop trying to control outcomes. It is the key to un-locking positive energy in life. For many years, I've been consciously doing a "thank you" every time I go to the store parking lot, and it seems like I'm always able to find a spot close to the store, which is wonderful, because walking long-distances is a struggle these days.

Look at gratitude as putting a plug into a wall outlet, getting energized through connecting to our source and all that is available to us.

Gratitude turns what we have into more. It helps us make sense of our past and brings us peace and vision for tomorrow. All we need to do is to start today, to be grateful for who we are and what we have. It may help to make a gratitude list to realize there is a lot to be grateful for. It encourages us to see our cups as half full and not

half empty.


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